They have tested and endorsed the quality of our service, as they
have witnessed that we actually do what we say we do.

Prices. A bit high, but it is worth the additional expense, knowing that the service provided by CGM really is worth it, particularly in urgent situations where, the most important thing is not to stop the client.

Quality of service. Definitely the strongest point of you: personalized follow-up to shipments even late into the night, justifies paying a little more, to ensure that the shipment is delivered on time, and avoid a major crisis. Rating: 10!

The price is better than that of a charter, and the reaction speed to avoid the charter is precisely what adds value.

If there is competition for other companies, but, unfortunately for them, they handle so many transactions that an urgent shipment is lost among the whole volume. You give a more personalized service.

What you can improve on is exactly what you are working on: automation

Gilberto Rico

Purchasing manager