Our Team

Our Team

Our team is the most important value of this Company, that is why we are in a continuous search for elements capable of offering, empathy, commitment, application and especially the most necessary ingredient, empathy to the needs of others. Our team is made up of people with a high level of seriousness and application. They are constant auditors in each entrusted process, making sure that this system does not present a single fault.

We join this group of companies that are always looking to improve, for that reason we design the way to be able to receive the collaboration of young, enterprising, disciplined women, committed to their family and therefore committed to what they do, they are Moms and work from home; perfectly coordinating all your activities.

We share some testimonies of our Team.

Gemma Martínez

Logistics Coordination
(works from home)
What does it mean to work
from your home?

It means the opportunity to continue surpassing me professionally, keeping me active and up to date in my career without neglecting my family.

What values do you see in this company?

Honesty, Respect, Cooperation, Communication, Legality, Discipline, Integrity, Humility, Leadership, Equity, Empathy, Generosity and Gratitude, among many others!

Armando Fierro

What values do you see in this company?

Firstly, to feel each of the people who are part of this great company, as a member of a large family, because that feeling makes me feel this great company. They make us feel that we are all important. A company with high human value and with principles based on family values, with a great sense of dignity, honesty and solidarity.

How do you see this company in 5 years?

I see a company in steady and safe growth, I see a company offering work and development opportunities for more families, a company capable of giving our customers peace of mind and security, a company that with the effort and supervision of its creators offer an excellent service giving security to our customers.

Lupita Estrella

(Works from home)
What does it mean to work from your home?

In this type of work we also have a schedule, but within it we have the advantage of being able to attend to any issue of both the home and the family that may arise and the problems that may arise will always be in our hands.

What would you like to change?

The team complements in an excellent way the work that at the moment; I do not have any change to mention.

Fernando Eugenio Arau

What does this work mean to you?

This work means a lot to me since it is an opportunity that life is giving me to be able to grow personally, Apart from that it is an experience more in my life since it is something new that I am experiencing which makes me believe more in myself and have the confidence that I can do my job well as it must be.

How do you see this company in 5 years?

My vision of this great company in 5 years is that we are going to become the first leading company in Mexico that has the fastest express imports of all time since we are working on it and perfecting the procedures to achieve excellence in imports.